Committed to the community

Moz-Agri is absolutely committed to the development and support of its community. In addition to the electric maize mill and the subsidised shop, the health care center has been a major boost to the community. After witnessing the plight of the local people with no access to health care, Chris and Filipa spent countless hours canvassing organisations for help. Eventually, with a wonderful grant from Czeck Republic, Moz-Agri built a medical health post on the farm.

Through its own agricultural activities, Moz-Agri employs 50 people on a permanent basis, directly supporting more than 400 people. Through buying beans and goats from small-hold farmers, they also indirectly support approximately 1,200 people, whilst assisting these farmers with increasing their production. Through this support, Moz-Agri is stimulating a self-sustainable economy with far reaching impact. Entrepreneurs are being created, inspired and fuelled by the shared passion of the Moz-Agri team. A previous employee now has his own business, supplying and installing fences for the farm, as they divide it into camps for the livestock. The sellers of the fifth quarters are also thriving, having sold almost 80 tons of product during 2015.

Before the establishment of the farm, hundreds of people walked 20kms, every week, to get to a shop or a clinic - or just to get to the main road/town. With the farm vehicles making trips to town on a daily basis, hundreds of people now get the benefit of free transport. For an old lady who has to carry a 20kg bag of maize, this small gesture is life-changing.

About MozAgri

In November 2009, Chris and Filipa Serfontein arrived at Chuala Farm. Situated 120km from Chimoio, Mozambique, the farm had no electricity, no running water and no agriculture besides subsistence gardening – and for the first nine months, the couple lived very simply in tents, working alongside the local people to lay the foundations for Moz-Agri Lda.

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