Goat Production


Over time, Moz-Agri wishes to increase its own herd to 3,000

The farm is slowly building up a herd of goats and has brought, in total, ten Kalahari Red stud rams from South Africa, with tremendous improvement in the size of new generations. Over time, Moz-Agri wishes to increase its own herd to 3,000 and supply the small-hold farmers with new/improved genetics.

Two vehicles with trailers are sent out on a weekly basis to other communities, to buy additional goats for meat production. During 2015, almost 16,000 goats were bought from more than 5,000 different small-hold farmers, and currently, 10 to 12 tons of meat is being processed per month by the farm’s state-of-the-art abattoir – the only one of its kind in the region. The meat is mainly sent to markets in Maputo. Moz-Agri’s goal is to double the abattoir’s output during 2017.

The fifth quarters are sold locally and almost 400 hundred families (or almost 6000 people) have gained access to good protein at affordable prices (figures from 2015). Before this, they had almost no access to protein!

About MozAgri

In November 2009, Chris and Filipa Serfontein arrived at Chuala Farm. Situated 120km from Chimoio, Mozambique, the farm had no electricity, no running water and no agriculture besides subsistence gardening – and for the first nine months, the couple lived very simply in tents, working alongside the local people to lay the foundations for Moz-Agri Lda.

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